Tofu in Tomato Sauce

This fried tofu in a tomato sauce dish is a very popular traditional Vietnamese recipe. It is quick, easy and very cheap to make.


  •  200gr Ripe tomatoes
  •   4 cover White tofu
  •   2 tree Onion flower
  •   1 tubers Shallots
  •   5gr Flour
  • Cooking oil, sugar, fish sauce, salt, pepper, chili, seasoning


  • Tofu and Tomatoes cut into slices to taste, put cooking oil in pan wait 30s hot oil to fry old to pass for crispy, golden.
  •  When cooked tofu put on the plate, put 2 spoon oil in pan and then put shallots,tomato “fried crushed tomatoes” and put  3 spoon of water, ½ spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of fish sauce, ½ spoon of salt,  ½ spoon of pepper, chili, ½ spoon of seasoning, 5gr flour = 1spoon boil the mixture water and then pour tofu sauce until sticky.
  • Spring onion cut small (1cm) and then put in the pan wait 1 minute.

Note: fried tofu should not be too old because tofu is difficult infused spices.




Tin Liên Quan